Being a content creator is hard. We give creators the power to turn their passion into a career.

We’re building tools to make it easier for people to create content, build and engage a community, distribute their work, and monetize it.

⚡️ What is it?

We’re like a laboratory for software.

We’ll launch a series of products with a repeatable, systematic process, treating each product like its own business.

By doubling down on the winners, we believe we can turn the most successful products into sustainable businesses, and build long-term value for creators.

We'll also partner with creators to help bring their own product ideas to life.

🛠 What we're building

<aside> 🛡️ gives Twitch streamers a way to boost their income while paying their community team through tip splits.


✌️ Creators

Working on an idea but don't know how to build it? Let’s collab and create something together. We'll make your product ideas a reality.

<aside> 📣 Tell us about yourself


👋 Who are we?

Montana Wong


Kevin Boodtama


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